Gum Grafting

Gum Grafting

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A gum graft is an oral surgery that treats receding gums. When the tooth's root becomes exposed, it causes obvious cosmetic imperfections in the mouth and bad breath. At Dental Specialists & Implant Center at The Woodlands, we perform gum grafting by taking tissue from the roof of the mouth or beneath the gum tissue, which we will use as the graft. This gives the gum tissue added support, improving its appearance and making the tooth more resistant to infection.

After receiving a gum graft, patients may experience tenderness for a few days. Some swelling is also expected, but this can be minimized by eating soft foods and avoiding crunchy and chewy ones. If antibiotics are prescribed, it is essential to take the entire course as directed to help prevent infection.

How Is the Gum Grafting Procedure Performed?

To perform the surgery, the dentist will use a local or general anesthetic to prevent you from feeling any pain during the treatment. Then, using a unique tool called a microblade, they will make a small cut in the gums near where the new gum line will be. Next, the gums are gently pulled back and away from the roof of the mouth so the donor tissue can be stitched into place. Stitches are placed to hold the gum tissue in place until it heals. The final step is applying a soft bandage to protect the area from damage and promote faster healing.

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The Benefits of Gum Grafting

When patients lose a tooth, their jawbone may recede, or the gum and bone tissues in that area may be damaged. These problems can cause aesthetic and functional issues for your smile. A gum graft can repair the gum tissue, so your teeth look natural. Here are some of the benefits of having a gum graft performed.

Better Appearance

A gum graft can restore the gum tissue in the affected area of your mouth so that you avoid an unnatural look when you smile or speak.

Improved Comfort

A gum graft can also restore oral health so that your gums and bones are healthy again. This can reduce sensitivity when eating hot and cold foods and improve overall tooth alignment.

Increased Confidence 

Gum grafts are often recommended in the smile rejuvenation process after tooth extractions or as part of a full mouth reconstruction. You can feel great about your smile and boost your confidence by improving your oral health with a gum graft. Additionally, you can improve your health and avoid further issues with tooth loss.

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