Guided Bone and Tissue Regeneration in The Woodlands, TX

Guided Bone and Tissue Regeneration in The Woodlands, TX

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Guided bone and tissue regeneration is a method of repairing bone and soft oral tissue defects in the jaw using regeneration-stimulating proteins, synthetic bone substitutes, and bone grafting material. At Dental Specialists & Implant Center at The Woodlands, our dentist in The Woodlands, TX, can use these techniques to regenerate the bone necessary to support your dental implants. GBR is sometimes referred to as guided tissue or guided bone regeneration.

To determine which combination of procedures will best repair your jawbone, our dentist will thoroughly examine and take detailed scans of your jaws. Together, you can formulate a treatment plan that will restore your oral health while also supporting your dental implant restoration.

What Conditions Can Guided Bone and Tissue Regeneration Treat?

Guided bone and tissue regeneration is used to treat the early stages of periodontal disease or to regenerate bone in jaws that have been affected by bone loss. The treatment involves placing a thin membrane over the treatment area to encourage the growth of new tissue and bone. This treatment is performed without the use of incisions or sutures. 

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What Are the Benefits?

As part of your implant treatment, bone-grafting material is placed in the empty tooth socket before placing the implant. This prevents tissue loss and supports surrounding teeth and implants during healing. It also enables proper cell regeneration, which improves recovery and long-term results. Since guided tissue regeneration is often necessary for dental implant placement, the benefits would also include the following:

Improved Esthetics

By adding gum tissue or other supporting structures to areas where teeth are missing, your teeth will look more natural and aesthetically appealing.

Reduced Risk of Further Tooth Loss

If a tooth is lost or extracted, the bone that previously surrounded it will start shrinking, causing the surrounding teeth to shift out of place and possibly separate. Replacing the lost or missing tooth with a dental implant can reduce the risk of this from occurring, especially if the tooth is on one side of the mouth.

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Enhanced Speech

Speech impediments can be corrected with dental implants and bridges. Missing teeth make speaking more difficult because they cause your remaining teeth to shift out of alignment.

Improved Oral Health

Dental implants eliminate the need for removable dentures, which can cause bone density loss in the jaw if they aren’t properly fitted and maintained. Implants look like natural teeth so that you can feel confident in your smile again.

Guided bone and tissue regeneration is so minimally invasive that our patients experience little to no discomfort and are back to their regular activities the same day! For the best dental care personalized to your unique needs, visit Dental Specialists & Implant Center at The Woodlands at 3117 College Park Dr #230, The Woodlands, TX, or call (936) 231-8937.

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