Advanced Services in The Woodlands, TX

Advanced Services in The Woodlands, TX

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Dental anxiety is not unusual. Most of us feel some uneasiness about visiting the dentist in The Woodlands, TX, even for regular cleanings. However, for some, the pain of dental treatments is so intense that they skip their appointments altogether. At Dental Specialists & Implant Center at The Woodlands, we believe you deserve the best care possible, even if that means helping you overcome your fears of going to the dentist. Your comfort is our priority. We offer several different forms of sedation dentistry and modern dental technology at our office to help with this issue. 

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is for anyone with dental anxiety, patients who need more lengthy procedures, or anyone who wants to be sedated for a process. With sedation dentistry, you remain awake for the process but are in a heightened state of relaxation. Your reflexes may be slowed, and your movements may be slightly slurred. You might feel sleepy but would not be put to sleep. You will not be unconscious, and you will be able to communicate easily with your dentist throughout the procedure. You can safely drive yourself home after a short recovery. 

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As part of sedation dentistry, we offer nitrous oxide to our patients because of its ability to quickly put a patient in a state of relaxation. This sedation method is popular because it is safe for patients of all ages and is one of the safest forms of sedation available. It is also efficient, allowing many patients to receive dental treatment without being entirely conscious. Patients can often drive themselves home after using nitrous oxide, with the effects of this sedative wearing off in just a few minutes. The results of nitrous oxide are mild enough that most people can go back to work or go about their day after receiving this treatment.

3D Cone Beam Technology

The cone beam CT scanner is an advanced X-ray machine that rotates around a patient’s head to capture hundreds of images in a scan. These images are then reconstructed into a 3D image of your jaw or skull, enabling our dentists to detect any underlying issues with your teeth, nerves, and jawbone. This technology provides us with more detailed images and precise measurements than a traditional bitewing X-ray machine can provide. The images produced using a cone beam CT scan are more complex than the conventional 2D X-rays, enabling us to see a tooth from every angle. This assists in diagnosing issues such as impacted wisdom teeth and fractures that are not visible on a 2D X-ray. 

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Laser Treatment

We offer laser dentistry to treat a variety of dental problems. Lasers have been used to treat tooth decay, gum disease, gummy smiles, cold sores, canker sore pain, and more. The concentrated light beam can be directed precisely at the target area to vaporize tissue without producing pain or other adverse effects. Some patients prefer laser treatments to traditional treatments because of the reduced side effects and faster healing time. While lasers may not be appropriate for every situation, many dental practitioners incorporate these advanced tools.

Digital X-Rays

Our practice uses digital X-rays to heighten the diagnostic value of each patient’s appointments. Traditional X-rays use film to capture an image of the teeth and gums. These images take time to process and develop; over time, these films can become damaged. With digital X-rays, we can instantly see the image on a computer monitor right in front of the patient without waiting for any film to develop.

It is our goal to provide the highest quality of dental care possible. The advanced services we include in our practice allow us to do just that by encouraging our patients to be informed and prepared about their dental health. If you have questions about our advanced services, visit Dental Specialists & Implant Center at The Woodlands at 3117 College Park Dr #230, The Woodlands, TX, or call (936) 231-8937.

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