Before: Patient missing the upper teeth
After:    Dr. Lyons made an upper denture. So natural  you can’t even notice. Patient is comfortable!
Before: Patient was missing the upper front tooth
After:     Dr. Lyons made a beautiful crown over patient’s
                  dental implant 
 Smile improved with teeth replacement
 Missing upper tooth replaced with dental implant

Dental implants

 Before: Central tooth lost all the bone
 After:     Dr. Lyons removed the tooth and built the bone and all the lost gum, then placed a dental implant. The crown was made by her dentist. 
Lost tooth replaced by dental implant

Lost tooth replaced by dental implant

                   FOR THE LOWER ARCH                           

                                     Implants on the mandible allows retention for the lower denture


Single implants


Before: Extraction of a bicuspid due to bone loss. Dr. Lyons added bone and an implant.
 After: Dental Implant placed and Screw retained crown very natural.
Crown screwed to an implant

 Before: Tooth broke and was extracted. A dental implant was placed the same day!
 After: After healing time a beautiful screw retained crown was made. 
Missing tooth replaced with dental implant

 Before: Patient lost two teeth and came to us with only one implant.
 Dr. Lyons Placed a second implant and the two crowns were placed. 

Before and after dental implants


 Before: Young girl was born with no lateral teeth.
 After: Two narrow implants placed & beautiful crowns made by her Dentist.
Anterior missing teeth replaced with dental implants

Regenerating Bone for Implant Placement

Fixed (non removable) solutions: 

ALL ON 4 or 6 (teeth in a day)

Upper dental bridge with four dental implantsLower dental bridge with four dental implantsAll teeth over dental implants

 BEFORE:  Patient lost all her upper teeth
AFTER: Dr. Lyons built the bone and placed 4 dental implants & a beautiful bridge. This is not removable by the patient.
AFTER: Dr. Lyons built the bone and placed 4 dental implants & a beautiful bridge. This is not removable by the patient.
Smile after placement of dental implants

Before & After non removable bridges
  Before: Patient came with a broken upper all on 4 bridge made of acrylic by another dentist.
  After: On of our Dentists fabricated a new zirconia bridge that screws over the 4 existing implants.

All on 4 dental bridges

Before: Tooth and bone missing as a result of periodontal disease.

ant implant before

Dr. Lyons aded bone and a dental implant in the front. The Dentist fabricated a new crowns.

ant implant after

Crown Lengthening

 Before: Very short square front teeth with uneven margins
 After: Crown lengthening was performed by Dr. Lyons. Patient’s Dentist fabricated the crowns.
Smile with short teeth and uneven gums
Smile with even teeth

Before: “Gummy Smile”: Too much gums showing making teeth   appeared square and small. 


After: Cosmetic crown lengthening giving back a beautiful smile!

Gummy smile
 After cosmetic crown lengthening

 LASER CROWN LENGTHENING: Gingival overgrowth
 Excess of gums removed with laser. Healthier smile. Beautiful results!

Cosmetic cases with Crowns &Veneers

 Gums treated with Crown Lengthening first to minimize a GUMMY SMILE. 
 Then beautiful SMILE DESIGN and beautiful VENEERS placed by Dr. Jessica Ransom.

 Ortho-Cosmetic Case: Spaces were closed, gums treated and then beautiful crowns made.
 Case by Dr. Jessica Ransom

  Beautiful smile by Dr. Ransom
 Before and After. No braces…..just veneers!

 Before and After Veneers on the upper teeth & teeth whitening with Zoom treatment.
 Beautiful case by Dr. Jessica Ransom.



gum  grafting

Before: Thin gums and bone loss: Recessions showing the roots 

After: Skin grafts are alternatives in the treatment of gum recessions. When possible help to thicken the gums and cover the expose roots. 

Before:  Thin gums, aggressive tooth brushing may cause recessions

After: Connective tissue graft taken from patient’s palate creating NEW GUMS.

 Improved smile after gum graft
 Gum grafting before and after





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